Parts for Winter Riding

Side by Side Accessories and Parts for Winter Riding

Prepare your side by side for an unforgettable season of riding. While other riders are storing their UTVs for the winter, select the ideal winter-riding parts and accessories for yours to conquer trails and commute the right way. Explore the best UTV parts before heading to a leading online store to order yours today.

Side by Side View of Some of the Best Street Tires

Most side by side tires are geared toward intense off-road riding. While everyone loves a good splash through the mud or climb up a steep hill, you may wish to change things up for your winter ride. If so, consider picking up winter or street tires.

Winter tires are specifically designed for cold-weather commutes on snow and ice. Aggressive treads, cold-resistant rubber and other features keep you in control of your side by side in difficult situations. These tires aren’t suited for year-round use, but can be a life-saver in the winter.

However, there are some reasons to consider street tires. If you’re fortunate enough to have little or no snowfall in the winter season, there’s no reason to swap out your year-round rubber. Street tires can also be a fun alternative for winter driving if there’s heavy snow covering your favorite trails. Some drivers prefer hitting the paved, plowed trail in the winter rather than tackle large snow drifts.

Street tires are specifically designed for traction, fuel economy and comfortable riding on pavement. These tires won’t get you through a sticky situation on your local trail, but they’ll make a roadside cruise comfortable. Be sure to get DOT approved tires and be sure your UTV is road legal in your area before braving busy streets. Some street tires are meant for dirt roads and compact tracks, while others are for pounding the pavement.

Side by Side View of Some of the Best Exhaust Systems

While you’re tuning up your ride, consider picking up a new exhaust system. Your side by side exhaust works in the same way as a car or motorcycle exhaust, so an aftermarket system offers you these advantages:

  • Improved horsepower
  • Altered noise profile
  • Reduced weight

You won’t see a lot of horsepower difference unless you pair your exhaust system with an air intake and engine tune-up. Look for high-flow exhaust systems if you’re hoping to get more out of your UTV engine.

Even the best exhaust systems can fall into two camps: increased noise and decreased noise. Some drivers love that hearty growl that reminds them of their two-wheeled commuter. Others prefer a more tone-down, comfortable sound profile. Don’t assume a larger muffler means less noise, as the interior baffles affect the sound more than the exterior size.

Finally, the best side by side exhaust systems can reduce the weight of your UTV by using a lighter material. This is a great way to increase your weight capacity or improve your fuel economy. Shop for the exhaust systems, street tires and other UTV accessories online to prepare for year-round adventures. Don’t let a temperature drop or snowfall keep you from climbing in the seat of your favorite UTV.

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