Communication with Live Streaming

Pushing the Boundaries of Entertainment and Communication with Live Streaming

In the recent years, all sectors of the digital world have seen an explosion. From social media, to web technologies and from online entertainment to live streaming, everything has reached a new horizon with revolutionary and interesting advancements.

Live streaming is online streaming of video and media files that are simultaneously recorded and broadcasted to all viewers. The streaming of videos initiated its journey in the 1990s and from there various advancements and innovations have taken place. As per the data disclosed by Bridge Ratings more than 57 million people entertain themselves with online music and internet radio. Down the line in 2006, millions of people started indulging themselves in streaming videos on You Tube. Following that ABC, a television network, started streaming all its popular TV shows over the web so that the fond viewers can view the shows whenever desired.

Finding and playing streaming videos and audios follow a streamlined process. Whatever you search, your computer or laptop should have the configuration to decode and then after decoding, the system plays the file. There are players like QuickTime, RealNetwork, Microsoft Windows Media, and Adobe Flash Players that have their distinctive decoding and unique ways of displaying data.

Going further on the journey, many live streaming applications came into existence. Some of the most popular in the present arena are:


Periscope is a leading live streaming android application in the present day with many users from different walks of life. People today go for streaming quiz videos, meditation videos, scopes of tourist destinations, discussion videos, and games while making sure that audience have a satisfying experience during live streaming.The best aspect of this app is that viewers can send across recommendations and push notifications to mobile phones at the time of broadcast. Find out more on periscope with options to download the app on computers and laptops.


YouNow is a reputed live broadcasting service provider mainly recognized worldwide for streaming of casual videos rather than business or professional streaming. From creating selfies and sending gifts to community interaction and broadcasting as a guest, you have the freedom and flexibility go live anyhow anytime by just placing your finger on the ‘Go Live’ button available on the profile screen. You also tend to enjoy chat messages and replays with a subscription price of $4.99 per month.


Livestreamis a high quality video streaming provides that directly extract the videos from any HDMI camera or Mevo app and further create a marvelous production. Using the Mevo application, you can also enjoy access to your personal video library while letting yourself engage in various chats. Founded in the year 2007, Livestream delivers all users memorable experiencesthrough broadcast of event videos in real time streaming.

Facebook Videos 

This is one of the most rapidly growing streaming platforms especially for celebrities. You can have your own feed and watch your native videos while hosting videos with high security, efficient performance, and priority streaming. From marketing lessons and seminars to entertainment and communication, Facebook has high level of accuracies.


Zoom is a powerful platform for streaming live videos with accuracy and quality. Through the app, you can run meetings, conferences, polls, manage customer interaction, and much more using unique and inspiring features of Zoom. You tend to enjoy the benefit of one-click and split screen sharing with an opportunity host with a maximum of 100 participants for a time span of 40 minutes. 


Crowdcast is a broadcasting service provider that streams webinar, workshop, and interviews with an option of automatic recording. The tool features a registration page to ensure payment of all interviews and workshops are received directly through the online medium without any hassles. You also have an option of sharing the videos on various channels of social media. However, if you are a follower then the tool after you register with Crowdcast, automatically sends you a notification for the upcoming piece of content.

Adding to this list of broadcasting services, there are many more with each having its unique set of features and tools designed towards better streaming. Now, let us get into understanding the benefits and advantages of live streaming videos. Whether it is Periscope, Facebook Videos, Zoom, or any similar app, live streaming comesup with the following advantages:

  • Live streaming offers you high quality streams that are further taken care by a robust and qualified infrastructure with a well-defined delivery and distribution system.
  • You can be the kind or queen of your content. Viewers tend to connect with you at your own convenience and time.
  • Through the streaming videos, you get an opportunity to reach high markets and targeted niches.
  • Though it requires perfect configuration with a complete synchronization of software and hardware programs, the app is quiet affordable.
  • You can enjoy real time broadcasting and real-time engagement with all those who care for you and your business.
  • You need not worry about ads in between the videos and let your viewers have the perfect feel of videos without the burden of unwanted advertisements.
  • Streaming videos can easily be transformed to various different content forms like blog, article, transcripts, presentations, and press release.
  • Analytics tracking system helps you track all your live events and evaluate outcomes of your streaming.
  • There are no restrictions about geographical boundaries and size constrains. Conveniently make your content available to all people whom you want your videos to reach.

After getting to know the advantages of live streaming, let us get into learning the drawbacks of live videos streaming:

  • From planning to execution, the process is challenging and requires significant resources and perfect planning.
  • Monetization becomes a big concern with failure in attracting the optimum number of audience to your channel.
  • Possibility of technical errors

So now, you have come to know that live streaming has its own set of features, benefits, and return on investment despite of various pitfalls and challenges. You need to carefully study the pros and cons, balance the two sides and then take an initiative to start your personal or professional journey into live streaming.

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