Best Candidates for Mukilteo

Peter Zieve Emerges As One of The Best Candidates for Mukilteo City Council

The prosperity of a city majorly depends on the people responsible for running it.  The city council is essentially the legislative body that governs a city and essentially is one of the key elements of local politics.  This council puts its focus on defining the goals of a city, planning for its major projects, as well as underlining its infrastructure improvements which might range from finances and strategic planning to community growth and land use. Here are a few factors for which a city council is ideally responsible for:

  • Directing and controlling the business affairs of a city
  • making sure of the good performance of the services and facilities of a city
  • Overseeing allocation of the finances and resources of a city
  • Determining the policies for a city
  • Planning for the future needs and requirements of a city

All the members belonging to a city council tends to have a major role in developing and communicating projects, strategies and policies. All the projects undertaken by them are largely focused on the cultural, environmental, economic and social wellbeing of their community.  The elected council members tend to represent the interests of the residents of the community, and also provide them with the required guidance and leadership.

Owing to the high importance of the city council, it is crucial that its elected members are well qualified and have the best interests of the people in mind. Peter Zieve is essentially one of the best people to become a part of the Mukilteo city council.  Mukilteo is a city located quite near to Seattle. He is an MIT graduate candidate, who also has a PhD in Mechanical Engineering from the University of Washington. Mr. Zieve was born in Milwaukee Wisconsin in the year of 1954, and is especially renowned for being the founder of Electroimpact. Electroimpact is one of the leading businesses of the area and a key job providers for the engineers belonging to the Mukilteo community.  This company was founded especially on the basis of the Low Voltage Electromagnetic Riveter that was invented by Mr. Zieve as during his PhD program. He also writes blogs for the USA Herald, a popular news website.

Over years, Mr. Zieve has served the community in a variety of ways. He used to be a Camp Solomon Schechter Board Member, as well as educational assistance for STEM career paths. He has been a major contributor and sponsor of a host of local programs and drives, including Lighthouse Festival and Destination Imagination, YMCA, Boys & Girls Club, UofW SAE car program, as well as local STEM programs. He in fact had contributed to $200,000 the new Boys and Girls Club in order to encourage sports participation in the community.  As a family person, Mr. Zieve has a good understanding of the requirements of the children of the community, and hence strives to provide them with the necessities that they need.

Keeping the best interests and wellbeing of the locals in mind, as a council member Peter Zieve promises to strengthen the public safety in response to the various criminal and transient populations gradually moving to Mukilteo. His campaign has been designed as per the issues prevalent in the modern times.

He aims at promoting certain specific and well defined laws in order to protect all the residents of Mukilteo, as well as its neighbors.

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