Overview of GMAT Exam

Going through the GMAT official website will provide details to aspiring students who are eager to study for GMAT and appear for the exam. Qualifying high scores in this exam does provide them with a chance to study MBA at the best business management schools in the country and abroad.

What is GMAT?

It means Graduate Management Admission Test. This exam does form a critical part of the selection criteria to get admitted into the top graduate management programs like MBA. GMAT Score availed by the candidate after giving the exam does specify a lot. It states if the candidate is eligible to enter the top business schools to get admission to pursue MBA or not, when compared to other students having appeared for this exam. According to the experts, the test has been proven to provide accurate prediction of the candidate’s success on getting admission in the business school programs. The leading gmat institutes can provide lots of help to the aspiring candidates enabling them to sit for the exam and get their dream scores. GMAT is considered to be a CAT (computer adaptive test) that is administered in standardized, secure test centers across the globe. Throughout the year, the candidate is eligible to sit for the test, however, not more than a single time in a month. But the candidate can cancel or reschedule the test to suit his convenience.

Why give GMAT test?

This test is used by business schools as criteria to get admitted into MBA programs, including Finance Master and Accountancy Master programs. Definitely, GMAT is stated to be the numero uno choice for all MBA aspirants. This exam tends to evaluate the overall analytical, quantitative, writing, reading and verbal skills of the candidates in standardized written English language.

GMAT exam in details

The exam comprises of three sections:

  • Analytical writing assessment forms the first section, where the candidate is required to demonstrate his/her writing abilities and to think critically as well as communicate ideas very clearly. This is achieved through analysis of issue and argument.
  • Second is the math (quantitative) section requires the candidate to demonstrate prowess achieved in geometry, problem solving skills, algebra and arithmetic.
  • Third is the verbal section which evaluates the candidate’s sentence correction, critical reasoning and reading comprehension skills.

The business knowledge of the candidate is not tested. To achieve sure success in the exam as desired, the candidate is expected to demonstrate skills like decision making, time management, prioritization and performing under extreme pressure. This is a must have factor for clearing the exam, in school as well as in the business world after completing education. The total exam duration is 3 hours 30 minutes. The question difficulty level tends to go up or down, which again depends upon if the questions is answered incorrectly or correctly. Scores are then calculated based upon difficulty level as well as number of questions which are completed and answered correctly.

The best gmat preparation is the one that is comprehensive and allows the student to get prepared much before the exam.

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