Bohemian Themed Party

Organised a Bohemian Themed Party

Many people love being the host of a party. The sense of control and organisation can be quite exciting. Organising a party can be quite difficult though, as you have so many things that you need to take care of. When it comes to the theme of the party, there are quite a few options out there, but this time you can go with the bohemian theme. The bohemian theme mostly involves being in touch with nature. It can be a great idea as having a party which includes natural things in it can make the party more exotic as well as cause less pollution comparatively. Natural materials like, rustic wood and floral garlands are a must have.

When you choose to have bohemian decor for your party, you can be quite eclectic. You don’t have to match all your dinnerware and you can use vases of various sizes for decoration. The bohemian theme is extremely friendly, warm and natural, so no matter what, you will not go wrong with it. You can even recycle or reuse old stuff to make impromptu decoration.  Here are a few decoration ideas you can go with for your bohemian party.

  • You can have the best bohemian party outdoors, where you will be more close to the nature. You can create a nice decor with a few glass bottles, some flowers and twine. Just put a variety of flowers in the bottles and hang the bottles side by side from a branch of a tree with the help of the twine.
  • Many people like having photo backdrops in their parties. It is the place where the guest click a lot of their pictures that has a nice background provided which suits the theme. You can create a nice bohemian photo backdrop by hanging up a crocheted shawl or blanket from a frame and decorate it with beautiful flowers, leaves and vines.
  • When it comes to the bohemian theme, you will see that most of the decoration includes using flowers. Floral balloons are yet another that falls in the category. They are extremely easy to make too. You just need a sting of flowers and a balloon. Just attach the string of flowers to the end of the balloon to create a beautiful tail and a perfect decoration for your party.
  • You can have another beautiful photo backdrop in your party by making a tepee arch with the help of wooden branches, flowers and lace ribbons. Arrange the flowers at the top of the tepee and let the ribbons hang from the top to the bottom. There you have a beautiful photo backdrop.
  • Dream catchers are an important part of the bohemian style, so your party would seem incomplete if it doesn’t has one in it. You can make you own dream catchers easily or you can even buy them. They are beautiful and can brighten the look of any room. You can hand them up as a decoration or you can even ask your guests to make their own dream catchers as a part of party activities.

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