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On Hold Messaging System The New Marketing Trend

One of the latest marketing techniques used by many businesses and organizations is the On Hold Messaging service. The service is used for delivering information to the callers who are waiting on hold and also while being transferred. It has been found that in the majority of the companies when a customer call is placed on hold for say 45 seconds the customer tends to hang up. The On Hold Messaging services prove to be immensely beneficial in such scenarios. It can be the perfect marketing and branding strategy aiding in putting across the personality of the business. There are professional On Hold Messaging service companies like the onholdtechnologies.com who make the job easier for you. But it is important to keep in mind certain criteria when you choose your Message on Hold Provider.

Choosing your Message on Hold Provider

Since the service is provided by a third party having a contract or not with them plays an important role. There are different types of models available where you pay depending on the usage. For example, if you do not wish to change the on hold message frequently opt for the pay-once play-forever model.  Once you are done with the payment model check out the message the company is providing. Ensure that you dig deeper into the script and check for uniqueness and word count.  It should be brief, crisp and as per the requirement of the business. The next thing to look into is the requirement of an external on hold player. Sometimes your existing phone systems might allow you to play the on hold message. If you have the facility ensure that your service provider is aware of it. This will save you from investing in new equipment. While choosing your service provider it is always good to know about the installation and other charges. As discussed above if you have a compatible instrument ensure that the service provider is aware. Else you will end up paying unnecessary installation charges. Lastly, always request for a custom demo.

Having your on hold messaging service in place is always beneficial for the business to be it big or small. It can drastically reduce the number of callers who hang up on you during the wait time. Apart from this, the service can be used as a medium to promote new products and services. This can include information about special offers that might be beneficial to the caller. Apart from the new products and services the on hold messaging can be also used to promote the existing products and services. Other than using the service for promotional activities, the clients can also be made aware of the business location and their opening hours.

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