Most subscribed Youtube channels

Most subscribed Youtube channels Top 10 Most Subscribed Youtubers 2018

Youtube is very important video uploading site for every generations.

You can easily rock your day by visiting various videos whatever you want to see. It is a American video sharing website having three Chad Hurley, Steve Chen, and Jawed Karim in the year of 2005. It has very easy accessibility. Here is some huge numbers of subscribed youtubers which can rock your whole day –

  • PewDiePie – Felix Arvid Ulf Kjellberg is also known online as PewDiePie. Basically he is from Sweden. He is a comedian and video game player commentator. He is best known for his youtube video content consisting of ‘lets play’ commentaries, vblog and comedic formatted shows. Recently ‘PewDiePie’ has 83.1million subcribers. 
  • T-Series – Music can change the world, music can heal every wounds, music can be a bridge between two countries as well as two communities. T-Series is an India bases music label and movie studio. T-Series has completed three decades in music industry, having a large numbers of different language music, songs that easily covers the whole length of Indian culture. We are inviting all the music lovers to believe in magic of music . TSeries has 82.8 million subscribers. 
  • 5-Minute Crafts – 5-Minute Crafts is a youtube channel maintained by ‘The Soul Publishing’ named media publisher. The Soul Publishing also owns youtube channels like ‘Brightside’. The videos usualy compiled with DIY projects,life hacks, and crafts are the main contents of ‘5minute Craft’ video. It is the third highest growing subscribed youtube channel. It has 48 million subscribers.
  • Canal KondZilla – Konrad Cunha Duntas (born: September 13, 1988 [age 30]), famous by his stage nameCanal KondZilla, or just KondZilla. He is a music video producer, director, and screenwriter from Guarujá, São Paulo, Brazil. His channel has 46 million subscribers and received over 21.6 billion video views. 
  • Justin Bieber – Justin Drew Bieber is the sensation of current generation. He is a Canadian singer/music director born on March 1, 1994.Scooter Brawn first noticed his videos covering songs in youtube and he was signed toRBMG in 2008. After that Justine Bieber released his debut EPMy World, in late 2009. It was platinum certified in US, he became the first artist to have seven songs from a debut record chart on the Billboard Hot 100. He has released his first studio album ‘My world 2.0’. Justin Bieber has 43 millions youtube subscribers.
  • SET India – SET India is known as ‘Sony Entertainment Television’. It is an Hindi Indian entrainment. It has launched in 1995. It is owned by ‘Sony Pictures Networks India’, it is owned by ‘Sony Corporation’ the Japanese organization. SET is the most popular entertainment channel India. It is very popular due to its famous shows like CID, AAhat, Crime patrol etc. SET has 40.6 million subscribers. 
  • WWE – It is known as ‘World Wrestling Entertainment’ formerly known as ‘World Wrestling Fedaration’. It is known as professional wrestling. WWE is founded by Jess McMahon and Toots Mondt in 1952 as the ‘Capitol Wrestling Corporation’. Recently it is largest wrestling promotion in the world. Currently it has 39.1 million subscribers.

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