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Mistakes to Avoid When Getting Your Home Painted

When it comes to painting homes, everyone is always obsessed with some trend or the other. While some are obsessed with minimalism, boho-chic, classic or vintage themes, others want to go all French and texture-y about their paints. And in haste to meet the idea of trends and resemble an already seen design – people often make grievous mistakes.

Painting your home isn’t as easy as picking up shades from a picture and recreating designs already done by others. It can be tough. And so just when you are about to fall prey to notions, here are some mistakes to avoid when getting your home painted!

Skip the neutral!

A lot of people bank on the idea of painting the house with a neutral shade. Not only does it keep the home minimalistic with elements to add but also influences the way future buyers would look at the house. What one needs to understand is that when you are choosing Wall painting designs for living room, the colours and vibe should tell a story about you. Going neutral fails to create any personal impression on the house and pretty much ends up making the house look dull and boring.

Think about lighting!

One of the most common mistakes that people make is avoiding the impact of light on the wall paint. It can add life to your house and give it a whole new impression. It is best to test your shade not just on the wall but also check it through natural lighting in the day and artificial lighting at the night to know how the colour is going to look on your wall. Sometimes, the colour might look dull but the impact of light does the talking.

Avoid investing hugely in the beginning

Often when people narrow their decision to painting their house, they go overboard with the decision and invest in it exclusively for the entire project. What they fail to understand is that painting the house can take a lot of time and money, and it’s always better to invest step-by-step rather than going all-in. Bad painting, damage, or even bad services can ruin your investments. Start with a small project i.e. one room, kitchen, or Waterproof paint for terrace to begin with, and slowly take the project ahead.

Don’t ignore your colour palette

In search of the right colour, it is always advisable to follow a colour palette and stick to it for the entire house. It creates a mood and lends the right impression. However, you might find other colours interesting when working with them and be tempted to experiment with something else. The best is to not ignore your colour palette and stick with it as much as possible. One wrong choice can often ruin the entire house paint.

Don’t let people’s opinions come in the way of your personal space

Your home is your personal space. Colour preferences are often a personal thing that derives from your personality, lifestyle, moods, and more. Taking other’s opinion on the colours to put on your house walls might feel good at the moment, but will not create a comfortable space for you in the future. Choose a colour that you are more inclined towards and find comfort in it. The effect of it shall stay with you and impact your life as well.

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Take small and steady steps when planning to paint your house. Mistakes are best avoided and valuable decisions are really important.

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