Living a Healthy Life

Living a Healthy Life As Wayne Imber

In the bid to earn one’s living, most people have forgotten how to live their life; everyone seems to be in art race, trying to meet ends, working day in day out. This perhaps is the irony of life, where one wants to live but doesn’t realize that he is not living rightly. There are however, exceptions as always, Wayne Imber is one of those life conscious individual who knows that life is to live not merely to survive.

A doctorate holder in psychology, a teacher in the former years of his life, an active donor at the American Red Cross, semi-retired at present and a food enthusiast who loves to experiment his culinary skills in his kitchen, Mr. Imber loves to live a healthy life. He shares his understanding of a healthy self through his blogs, and believes that the way to start it to be aware of yourself, what you are and how you can improve that if needed.

A healthy lifestyle is the key to a happy life and should be the motto of every individual. Eating the right kind of food, at the right time and in right proportions, along with some form of exercise regularly and definitely sufficient sleep; make the ingredients to cook up a healthy lifestyle. The fast paced world doesn’t provide much opportunity to eat healthy food, but one puts in a little effort and decides to take the reins of his life in his hand then the going gets easier. Trying to cook one’s own food is a good option to eating the right kind of food; but of course, knowing to choose the healthier food options is equally important.

Eating a balanced diet is recommended by nutritionists and dieticians at all times, because when you eat all the nutrients in the right proportions, every part of the body works optimally. What needs to be remembered here is the method of cooking will be of great importance, for instance, egg forms a vital part of the diet but having an omelet or indulging in any other recipe where the egg is fried will not be very helpful. Instead having egg in the boiled or poached form allows the body to benefit from its nutrients in the best way.

Sleep, is a major part of healthy living, making it pertinent for one to make sure that the sleep is not hampered in any way. Stress, has become an intricate part of every person’s life, no amount of medications and getaways can help reduce it as much as sleep will. Permitting the body to relax for at least eight hours a day is not something that one should compromise with under any circumstance. The human body is one of the most complex machines ever created, there are so many systems running within it simultaneously, if it is not given the rest it deserves, the wear and tear can cause a complete breakdown eventually. So, live life the Wayne Imber style and enjoy your existence.

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