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How to Shop For a kitchen Faucet?

A kitchen is a place where almost everything has to look good and perform well. You cannot accept anything that falls short of your expectations in any of these departments. Hence, when it comes to an integral part of this system like a sink faucet, you would want to make sure it proves itself in both these areas. While determining the aesthetic value of this apparatus from its physical appearance is easy, you cannot be confident about its performance until you analyze its configuration and installation requirements from different aspects.

It can be tricky to decide about a specific choice in one go, but if you have awareness about certain elements, you will not have to face any disappointment, or the chances of this will be very slim. Here are some factors that can come in handy in selecting faucets for kitchens. Let’s dig into them without delay.

Shopping for a kitchen faucet

Mounting options

The two main choices you come across include deck mounting and wall mounting. As evident from the styles, wall-mounted faucets extend from the wall, while the deck mounted ones sit either on the counter or the sink. The previous choice is worth considering if you shift to a new place and get the plumbing work done to accommodate this style. Otherwise, the most convenient and go-to pick tends to be the deck-mount faucet. Whether you have to replace, repair, or upgrade your plumbing, you don’t need to take any tension. A deck-mount tap usually comes as an integrated piece of a spout, handle, and sprayer.

It generally requires one hole for installation. However, if you choose a traditional design featuring separate hot and cold water valves and spout along with a sprayer, you have to make sure there are three holes to fix it. Essentially, requirements can change based on the design. You have to read product details to understand whether it needs one hole or more.

According to design experts, it is always better to select a faucet before the sink. It allows you to buy a basin with the number of holes required for your tap. Or, you can drill a hole into the kitchen sink to fit it.

Faucet handles

Either you get one or double handle options in a kitchen. A single handle tap rotates directionally to control water temperature, while a two-handle version allows you to mix hot and cold water. Nowadays, most of them come with a built-in sprayer, which can be available in a pull-down or pullout format. You can operate it to get the desired water flow in a stream or spray style.

Faucet finishes

The first two points were more about the technical aspects. However, this one has a lot to do with physical appearance and endurance. When you shop for a faucet, make sure that its finish aligns with your kitchen décor. It should match the cabinetry, towel handles, and surroundings. It will not look good if there is any amount of mismatch. If you change old hardware, you will have a world of options before you to choose from the faucet finishes. From stainless steel to chrome to brass, the range will be quite vast. And the best part about these surfaces is they all are durable and look excellent.

The stainless steel polished faucet can have a dull shine, something that suits urban taste the most. You can buy one that doesn’t allow any spots or fingerprints to develop on its surface. If you want a long-lasting, heavy-duty solution for your cooking zone, you don’t have to go beyond it. Its maintenance and performance are unquestionable.

Chrome is another durable and low maintenance option. Many commercial kitchens adopt this finish for the same reasons. If yours is a busy kitchen, you may also want to have something like this.

Whether you want to add a touch of gold color in your kitchen or give it a traditional twist, you can never go wrong with a brushed brass look. Some people consider it for their modern kitchen also. For a safe option, you should focus on lead-free construction. Nowadays, you don’t have to bother about their long-lastingness and discoloration. A high-end product made with the latest technologies can take care of all this.

Spout height and reach

One of the factors that can improve or impede the smooth performance of this plumbing fixture in your kitchen is its spout. Faucets can be tall or short with different reach. A tall spout may not be an ideal choice if there is a shelf above the sink, or a low-height spout can be a total misfit for an oversized basin. So, when you choose a sink tap, please pay attention to its height.

A tall faucet comes with a pull-down spray head usually, and a small design offers a pullout spray head. Since a long tap has a gooseneck-like shape, it can accommodate bulky pots and pans hassle-free. A short faucet cannot be suitable for this, but if there is enough space on the neighboring counter, you can stretch its sprayer for filling water.


As a responsible homeowner, you need to use eco-friendly things. Look for a tap that doesn’t waste water due to leaks. For this, you can focus on those products that include ceramic cartridges in their construction. It is not only durable but also a leak-proof solution. Plus, make sure the faucet has a broader range of motion so that you can have flexibility while using it.

Kitchen faucets are the most simple appliances. But their functionality and appeal can be overwhelming as you cannot survive in your cooking zone without them. So, it makes sense to put in some effort when it comes to buying one. Whether you are renovating or repairing your kitchen area, you can have a wonderful time shopping for this specific item. After all, there are so many varieties to explore. Every style has something unique to offer. You have to map them with your daily kitchen and interior design needs. Once you get it right, finding the right option can never be painful.

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