Salesforce Developer Certification

How to Achieve the Salesforce Developer Certification

In this era of startups and high technology, it has become competitive for each and every business to retain its market position. As business itself comes with associated risks, it is very important that you should operate your business very carefully and strategically. One of the important challenges that businesses face is managing the clients. Managing customer relationships is as important as other operations.

Salesforce can help your business prioritize valuable customers and help your marketing team respond in a better way to the customers. Salesforce also helps in keeping the customer database up to date. So based on the database, salesforce helps you to create reports and then gives you insights. Then, your business can finally figure out the ways in which it can grow further.

Thinking of upgrading yourself with Salesforce Developer Training? Find out below what is Salesforce Developer Certification and why one should opt for it.

What is Salesforce?

Salesforce is Customer Relationship Management (CRM) based software that helps your business resolve everyday challenges that the businesses face and then makes you grow further. It unites the marketing, sales, IT, operations, service teams to work together from anywhere. The Salesforce suite offers applications designed for different business needs.

Salesforce is mainly used for engaging customers with the latest marketing techniques so that they can remain connected with the business in the long run. This helps you in expanding your business smartly. It facilitates your business for launching e-commerce platforms as well which proves to be beneficial for providing services in multiple regions. These applications put together, provides a wonderful experience to both teams as well as their customers.

How to Get Started in Salesforce

The journey towards a successful career starts with getting to know well all the required skills. This can be done by getting certified in salesforce certifications that it offers. So take up a course that will guide you towards all the aspects required to gain expertise in the field. Once are well aware of the skills, start working on it. for becoming a professional, it is important to have valuable work experience.

Salesforce offers 25 certifications in total. Some of the popular ones are briefed below:

  1. Salesforce Administrator Certifications

The salesforce administrator certifications test for the person’s ability to perform admin activities such as building reports, managing dashboards, databases, workflows, and maintenance of all the related salesforce applications. The salesforce certified administrator and Salesforce certified advanced administrator are the two certifications that come under this category. The salesforce certified administrator certification requires the experience of 6-12 months while the advanced one requires the experience of years and also getting certified in the salesforce administrator certification is the prerequisite.

  1. Salesforce Consultant Certifications

The salesforce consultant certifications are designed for the people who build solutions for their clients according to their needs. The certifications are designed for different areas. Some of those are salesforce certified sales cloud consultant, salesforce certified service cloud consultant, salesforce certified marketing cloud consultant, salesforce certified community cloud consultant, etc.

  1. Salesforce Developer Certifications

As a salesforce developer, the professional’s responsibility includes developing applications for the clients and to test them. This is done when the developer understands the business processes and their further requirements. So the developer certifications that salesforce offers are:

Salesforce platform app builder

This focuses on learning applications and pre-built functions on the force. Building customized applications are also part of this certification

 Salesforce certified platform developer I

This certification focuses on developing customized solutions using the Apex programming language and Visualforce user interface Framework

Salesforce certified platform developer II

This certification focuses on developing advanced solutions for complex business processes and getting hands-on experience on the UIs.

The other certifications of salesforce are in the field of marketing and CPQ specialist and pardot specialist.

So enroll yourself from the salesforce’s accredited training organization and apply for the examination that is conducted by

How to Pass the Salesforce Developer Examination?

Now that you know about the Salesforce developer certifications, here are some of the important tips on how to qualify for the salesforce platform developer I certification exam.

  • Train yourself completely before giving the exam

Learning well about certification is the first important step that you should take. So, enroll yourself in the respective course for the certification. These courses are the latest and provide you meaningful information from the industry experts. Make sure don’t miss out on this step.

  • Finish all the assignments provided

The assignments and the projects provided with the course will help you gain ideas from real-life scenarios, not only a better certificate. So do your assignments carefully.

  • Practice well the material covered

Practice makes sure that you are well aware of the concepts. So, do practice all the questions and revise all the concepts. This will help you to remember well.

  • Follow the schedule

One important thing that experts recommend is to make a schedule. So, divide your time wisely and allocate all the important tasks to it. While making it, make sure you make a realistic plan that you are confident about. The key is to stick to the schedule, thereafter you will see drastic results.

  • Give your best in the exam

Finally, it’s the time when you should really give your best. It often happens that the candidates are in a hurry to finish the exam, and as such, they might not write the correct answer or may fail to understand the tricky questions. So, during the exam, read all the questions carefully.


Salesforce developers are responsible for making customized applications, build data models, design user interfaces, etc. So, if you are a developer or a professional from an Information Technology background, go for the Salesforce Developer Certification Course, which will open the door for good career opportunities. According to, the average salary of the salesforce developer is $117,618 in the United States. The certification helps you to prove your professional abilities to the organizations and as such it will help you gain the trust of your clients.

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