Menstrual Cup

Hacks for a Carefree Period

No one of us is so excited about our monthly period to come. For us, it is the tiresome time of our life. When you have to wash from time to time, going to comfort rooms every after a couple of hours will be our daily routine to check if we have leaks. You can’t wear any dress you desire because you are so worried about leaks and we can’t deny that, but everything seems so annoying.

But as women, we need to determine how we can manage our monthly period because life must go on. Here are a few hacks you can use to enjoy your monthly period.

Track Your Period

Not all unexpected events are fun!  When it comes to our period, we have to be always prepared. We should track when will be our next cycle, you can count 30 days after your last period, and that would be your next menstruation date. You can also use or download tracking devices or applications in that way you will remind of your period date, and you can plan for special events or occasion you have to attend. If you are sexually active, then this will be helpful for you to know your ovulation to prevent unplanned pregnancy.

Know  Your Menstruation Disorder

There are different complications you might encounter during your period. These are the painful feeling that makes your period worst. The most common disorder that women experience is dysmenorrhea where you can feel severe pain from your abdominal or lower back. You will also experience some emotional problems like PMS or premenstrual syndrome and PMDD ( premenstrual dysphoric disorder ). It can ruin your entire month if you are not ready for medications to get rid of the pain.

You can prepare pain killers like hyoscine and ibuprofen that you can take before or during the first day of your period.  You can likewise use a hot compress and put it on top of your abdominal while lying in bed or at your lower back this will help you to relax and ease the pain. Daily exercise will also help you not to feel this pain on your period. So if you don’t want to ruin your entire month better prepared from any possible pains.

Choose the Best Sanitary Pads or Menstruation Cups

While you are on your period, you have to have a trusted product that can help you endure the week even you are having heavy menstruation. It is so important that you already know what would be the product that works best for you. The traditional way is wearing pads to manage the flow of blood from your vagina. In a day you can use at least 4 to 5 pads, imagine how inconvenient it is, if you are working or if you are at school even on different occasions you will attend.

If you usually have a long day outside or also at home, you can use menstrual cups. It is more convenient for women since it can absorb menstrual blood for 12 hours a day. Plus you do not have to buy pads monthly. It can save not just your time, but you can save money. It is a small, flexible cup that is made up of silicon or latex rubber that will be inserted to your vagina to collect blood.

There are different brands of menstrual cups, but the most commonly used is the Daisy Menstrual Cup. It gives you the solace you need while you are on your period and it is more affordable than tampons and pads.  If you know what is the best product for you is then surely you will have a carefree monthly period.


As women, it is essential that you can manage your monthly period. Menstruation is a natural event for us; that is why we have to know how to handle it. When you are prepared, and if you know what are the best products for you then you will have a carefree period every month. Nothing can stop you now from anything you want to achieve. Feel sure about each day of your life, even in your monthly period. Have a happy period!

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