Friendly for Users of All Levels

GogoPDF’s PDF to PDF/A Conversion: Friendly for Users of All Levels

PDF is probably the most rigid file format existing and is continuously remaining to be one. Compared to their other counterparts, PDFs are significantly tougher to edit and are the least likely to encounter nuances during file transfers or transactions. Word documents can be easily tracked and accessed by outsiders for various purposes. 

There is a more robust version of this Portable Document Format, the PDF/A. PDF/A is an ISO-Standardized PDF file that allows a longer preservation process for the PDF’s contents and structure. With this, PDF file formats remain the same even after years of inactivity after its creation and can be opened using any software in the future.

GogoPDF Walkthrough

Upon opening the website, users will notice a large toolbox to convert PDF to PDFA speedily and efficiently. Below this large conversion toolbox is also an enlarged step to guide all the users throughout the whole conversion process. It is made in a larger font for the users to see it immediately after opening GogoPDF and enjoy its fullest extent.

After the steps, GogoPDF’s six dependable features can be seen arranged uniformly to aid in comprehension and not overwhelm the reader. These features are about the website’s compatibility, security, accessibility, affordability, and speedy conversion processing. It is essential so that GogoPDF’s difference to others would be evident.

The features are followed by a little discussion about the service you have chosen. For example, it would be about PDF to PDF/A conversion in this case. It explains why it is essential for a PDF file to convert to a PDF/A file even though it is already secured. It will also allow the user to have a piece of prior knowledge regarding the conversion topic.

Then it will be followed by other conversion services of GogoPDF, from PDF to different file formats and vice versa. It is further divided into six categories to keep the user confused by these many services. After converting PDF to PDF/A, he can still choose to convert from or PDF his other documents. 

Four-Step PDF to PDF/A Conversion Processing

The website’s user-friendly environment also reaches its respective conversion processing steps. It is organized not to intimidate any of its users regardless of their computer proficiency level. GogoPDF boasts its easy-to-understand four-step guide on converting your PDF files into PDF/A file format real quick and for free. 

The user must upload his desired PDF file to begin the entire conversion process. For this first step, the user should find his PDF file from his device folder and select to upload it on the system or drag the desired file and drop it to the conversion toolbox, which will trigger the system to analyze the file and proceed the uploading.

After uploading, GogoPDF will opt to begin the conversion process, which the user does not need to do anything except waiting. The second until the third step is an instruction to wait for a few minutes as the processing speed also depends on the size under conversion. Nonetheless, the file will be ready quicker than any other conversion website. 

The fourth process guides how to share it with others if the user wishes to download it to his respective device folder or upload it on his Google Drive or Dropbox account. He can do it quickly and immediately after the process. He can share the result on his social media account or send it directly through email with a generated message from the system. 

GogoPDF’s Reliable Features

GogoPDF puts the users’ trust and confidence in them above all else and is always committed to providing quality service. It abides by its privacy policy for a secured environment before, during, and after the conversion process relying on its features to access all types of devices that can access the web. 

The website deletes all files uploaded to its servers after an hour of inactivity to prevent unknown users’ misdeeds. This service is possible and accessible because GogoPDF supports all popular online portals like Google, Firefox, Internet Explorer and all major operating systems like Windows, Linux, and Mac. 

Your PDF will be converted into PDF/A quickly and reliably online to discourage any application or software which offers the same service, which is not only doubtful but will consume additional memory storage of your device. 


Convert your PDF files into PDF/A confidently and without any hassle using GogoPDF. Its free yet secure conversion process that allows the users to enjoy their PDF files’ speedy processing is a world apart from other competitors in the online market. 

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