Tricks to Make Small Room Look Bigger

Easy Tricks to Make Small Room Look Bigger

If you have a small space then you are fortunate enough. This is because small spaces have their own benefits- they are easy to clean, easy to decorate, and more importantly easy to organize. So if you have a small room that doesn’t imply everything has to be cramped. There are plenty of easy squeezy ways that make your room appear bigger without costing you a penny.

Tricks to maximize Your Space

  1. Clear out the Clutter:

Clutter can make your room feel cramped and congested. So it is better to clear the unnecessary stuff first. When you have a space crunch, preserve only the essential things. For storing things, work out on ways that help you keep things out of sight for a clean and organized look. Use table skirts, shelves, and concealed cabinets like behind doors to organizing things in an orderly manner. This will make your room feel open and spacious. 

  1. Pick a Light Color Scheme:

Say no to dark colors for small spaces. Dark shades are meant to be used in larger areas. While the light shades are best to use in small spaces. This is because lighter color palettes create an illusion that makes your room feel spacious. They enhance the openness of compact spaces. Alternatively, darker shades soak up the light in the room and make it feel more congested.

  1. Furniture with Legs Showing:

When selecting furniture for a small space, opt for the pieces with legs. The secret being that the furniture pieces with legs boast a bulky look and may appear too big in small spaces. Whereas the furniture pieces with legs draw your eyes upward and infuse more light into space which makes even small areas appear bigger.

  1. Add Mirrors: 

Purchase wall mirrors online to make your small space look bigger. Mirrors are ideal because it serves a dual purpose:-

  • Firstly, it will produce a reflection for furniture, wall hangings, décor accessories, and light from  table lamp and other wall lighting sources.
  • Secondly, during the daytime it will reflect off the light which thereby making your room feel more open and brighter.

For a similar effect, you can also consider purchasing a mirrored chest of drawers.  

  1. Use Stripes effect:

Whether vertical or horizontal, stripes are capable of creating an illusion of spaciousness. Believe it or not- horizontal and vertical stripes on your wall will make your room appear wider. But when selecting stripes, be cautious with your rest of the finish and linens in your room.

  1. Choose Airy and Light Fabrics: 

When selecting fabric for bedding, dining set, table-cover, or window treatment, consider the ones with plain and soft prints. Light hued fabrics, simple prints as well as plain upholstery are good for small spaces.

This is how you can most out of your small space. These smart tricks are lit up your space and make it feel brighter and bigger. That’s simple!!

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