Types of Bikes For People Over 60

Best Types of Bikes For People Over 60

A senior cyclist should seek out a bike that strikes the best balance between comfort and safety. The right build is an investment in sustained personal fitness and mobility. Here are a few features that any rider over 60 should consider for any compatible bicycle build, as well as the safest styles of bicycles for seniors. Discover how adjustable seating, open frames, and options such as the additional seat padding and impact insulation found on the newest women’s electric bicycles can help seniors to ride more comfortably.

Adjustable Seat

A saddle or seat that can be adjusted can be a life-changing choice for daily or frequent riders at any age. The major factor in seat comfort is the way that a seat interacts with the ischial tuberosities or sit bones of the rider. Any variations in your physical condition may necessitate additional padding or a raised, lowered or tilted seat height.

Open Frame

The design of an open, low or step-thru frame can make it easier for senior riders to get onto and off of a bike. Whether you are mounting the saddle and preparing to ride or you need to get off of a bike to walk it or avoid a potential hazard, a frame that does not have a tube connecting the upper frame (near the handlebars) to the bar under the saddle can be easier to get on and off with a smaller step and hoist.

Hybrid Bikes

Cycling experts often refer to hybrid bikes as “comfort bikes” because these builds blend features of mountain and road bikes. Riders over age 60 considering seeking ample seat padding and shock absorption should consider hybrid bikes for sale.

Mountain Bikes

Riders of all ages depend on mountain bikes to stand up to impact even when riding across uneven terrain. Even if you only plan to ride on relatively flat paths and trails, a mountain bike can be helpful for navigating uneven areas, curbs or potholes while limiting the jarring impact you experience on the seat.


You may have seen riders of any age riding recumbent bikes. This low design features a padded seat complete with a chair-style backrest. Pedaling from a reclined position may reduce stress on a rider’s shoulders, knees and wrists.


Tricycles aren’t just for grandkids. A three-wheeled bike for adults may be the most stable solution for continued cycling mobility for any riders with balance issues or disabilities that make standard two-wheel bike designs an unsafe option. These stabilized bikes feature upright seating and are designed to function similarly to road bikes with much less of a risk of falling.

The way a senior prefers to ride will determine which type of bike is the best choice. When narrowing down the available options, it is recommended to browse or search the stock of a retailer that carries your preferred style, such as hybrid bikes, in addition to safety accessories and optional features. A hybrid bike is the most versatile build for cyclists over 60 who ride on various types of terrain.

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