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One of the most important inventions in the sphere of comfort in footwear was the invention of sandals. The perfect mix of comfort with style gives rise to sandals. Sandals for men are designed in unique ways with soles and belts above them to hold them in place over the wearer’s foot with straps going instep or over the ankles for better grip. Sandals can be very easily be mixed with flip-flops.  In most of the foreign countries sandals are used for the footwear that leaves most of the foot open or uncovered. Sandals are mostly worn in the warm countries that are close to the equatorial regions or economically deprived countries. Wearing sandal in warm countries keeps the foot exposed to air and sunlight and helps to perspire the skin and dry it instantly. However this practice causes tan over the skin that is left uncovered for a prolonged time. Sandals were the first discovery of footwear by man. The sandal was manufactured to protect the underlying part of the feet from sharp object and insects. It also prevented infection through dust and germs.

A sandal maybe constructed of rubber, wood, rope, tatami and leather. It is usually held to the foot with the help of narrow thong that passes between the first and the second toes. The strap may also be worn around the ankle for better grip. Heels in sandals totally depend upon the choice of the wearer. The different variants of sandals are used for different purposes. Such as:

  1. Flip-flops-these are cheap sets of sandals best for locker-room wear, pool or beach.
  2. Grecian sandals- The sole attached to the feet along with the interlocking straps by crossing toes and instep or over ankles are the Grecian sandals. These sandals are very similar to the gladiator style sandals.
  3. JIpsin- A Korean style sandal made up of straw.
  4. Paduka- a traditional Indian type sandal (depicted in the epics) that are worn by monks or on ceremonial occasions.
  5. Hiking and trekking sandals- sandals specially designed for hiking and trekking in tropical regions. These sandals are made with the premium quality rubber that make them very durable and strength suitable for any terrain. The straps of the sandals are made with nylon or polyester for rapid drying after exposure to water.

Sandal manufacturers in India are:

  1. Lakhani- one o the largest footwear manufacturers in India, this Canadian owned multinational company are famous for the premium quality of footwear it delivers to its clients.
  2. Khadims- for over 5 decades of business in the market, this brand name is more than a seal of trust for its customers. The company has one of the largest customer bases in the country and is also increasing with the quality of its products.
  3. Ajanta—Ajanta has been the top most manufacturers of sandals in India for quite a long time. The company pioneered in the making of rubber sandals an gathered a large customer base for it

Sandals suppliers in India are as follows:

  1. Leather and shoe industries India
  2. Chrome India tannery
  • Touristor Shoes Pvt. Ltd.

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