Art Techniques

Art Techniques- The Types And Their Philosophy

Street art is the most popular form of art which is used to convey positive messages all around the world. The street artist in Melbourne is very popular in creating magnificent art pieces all over the world. The techniques used by these artists are very rare, and that’s what makes them stand out of the different types of art. At the same time, the graffiti form of art is used for advertising some brand or product. As compared to street art and graffiti, the graffiti form is the legalized form of art.

The street art includes portraits, images, and free-flowing paintings in public places that convey some positive and educational message to the people residing in that particular area. The main cities where street art is popular are Melbourne, London, Barcelona, Berlin, and Toronto. The techniques of street art vary from country to country. The output of different techniques is always a surprising result for everyone.

Different types of street art techniques 

Traditional street art is usually freehand, but some special techniques are used to give this art a very special effect.

  1. Mosaic tiling– Mosaic tiling I the part of the street art where several tiles are assembled to make the image or convey the message. Instead of tiles, the artists have been using small pieces of colored glasses, stones, and other materials.
  1. Murals– Murals are the artwork that is directly painted or drawn on the wall or ceiling and then painted with lush and bright colors to convey the message or the images. Murals are very large images like to paint photographs.
  1. Stencil art– Stencil art is the form of art that is made with the help of stencils. First, the image is made of cardboard or paper. Then the image is cut out. Later that stencil is used by spray paint to trace it on the wall or ceiling.
  1. Sculptures- These are the 3d art form. In this type of art form, the processes involved are carving, modelling, acting, and constructing the final masterpiece. Many different sharp tools are used to create this art form.
  1. Poster art- Poster art is a very popular form of art and is very popular in every country. Poster art is used in different fields like advertising, conveying important messages, or announcing important information.

The street artist in Melbourne is very popular in making marvellous and spectacular art pieces. Not only this, but the country is also known as the birth giver of street art. 


These days’ people are opting for street art as their full-time career. The only drawback of street art is that it is an illegal form of art. However, people and artists passionate about this take the risk of their lives and continue making these terrific art pieces. Art is getting popular all over the world. Even small towns and cities are also adapting the street art culture to convey an important social message to the residents of that area.

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