Reasons to Paint Your Bedroom Grey

8 Reasons to Paint Your Bedroom Grey

Bedroom is a space where we come to relax and unwind after a long day. As opposed to our living room spaces, where most of us prefer having vibrant colours, we need the bedroom design to have more calming hues. A popular trend that has come up in the last few years is painting the bedroom grey. Let’s explore why having a grey bedroom is interesting and worth having –

Naturally calming

Choosing a grey bedroom colour can improve the quality of your sleep. Grey is a neutral colour, and has a very soothing effect on the human psyche. The soft tone makes it more restful, as opposed to bright colours which we associate with lots of energy. Having a grey bedroom design can be the perfect beginning and ending to your day. Plus, it looks splendid with other pastel shades!

Keeps it simple and classy 

If you want a minimalistic and chic bedroom design, then grey is definitely the way to go. Grey does not attract too much attention and can blend in very easily with your furniture to make the bedroom look simple, classy, and sophisticated. Using stylish and simple furniture with a grey backdrop is what you need if you love minimalist home designs.

Accentuates other features

Since grey is such a neutral colour, it has a tendency to bring out and highlight other features in your home design. You can create colour contrasts and add grey shades to accentuate curves and edges of the bedroom. A great way to go about it is to use hues of grey and denim blues to blend in, and then using pops of colour and brighter shades to highlight the edges that you wish to.

Adds a hotel room charm

Using greys as your bedroom colour, especially charcoal grey, can actually give your bedroom a hotel room vibe. You can use the colour for your headboard velvet and cabinets, and mix it up with a lighter shade of grey on the bedroom wall. If you also add some silk bed sheets and linens, it will totally make you feel like you are on a staycation in your own home!

Easy to complement

Most people are not aware of it, but the grey colour palette is super easy to complement with warmer shades. If you paint all of the bedroom in grey then it can start looking a bit uninviting. Instead, if you use coral, warmer hues for the cushions and blankets, it blends in really well and makes the bedroom more sophisticated and homely at the same time. Grey with warm colours can also add a hint of the feminine touch into the room.

Versatile and flexible

Grey as your bedroom colour can be subtle and dramatic at the same time. If you want it to be silent and quiet in the backdrop it can easily fade into the backdrop. Alternatively, if you want it to be louder it can have a dramatic tone and enhance other colours in contrast.

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