families should have a secure pool area

7 reasons why families should have a secure pool area without sacrificing the beautiful view

Owning a pool is a proud part of home living in any area where the temperatures climb too high for children to play safely outdoors without risk of heat exhaustion and other dilemmas. Owning a pool is also a special secret for homeowners of indoor pools who get to celebrate life while working out with the best form of exercise year-round. Pools are a fun and wonderful experience that should be secure without sacrificing the ambiance and beauty of the natural setting. Let’s consider 7 of the top reasons why families should have a secure pool that is protected with elegant glass and wood enclosures from woodglassgroup.com.au that only add to the beauty.

1: Avoiding Accidents

The number one reason to have a pool enclosure is that it is the only serious means of protecting your family and friends from an unexpected pool injury. While it may seem like there is a very remote chance of anyone drowning when all your children know how to swim well, and you do not have any young children of your own. Nevertheless, these are exactly the kinds of situations where homeowners may be lacking vigilance enough to allow an accident. There may be days when friends and family sleep over who have children who are too young to swim or inexperienced. If they have free entry to the pool area and everyone is just distracted for a few minutes, a terrible accident could happen that you would forever regret. However, instead of putting barbed wire and a garrison at the post full-time, it is much easier to add an elegant enclosure that encases your pool and ensures that no one is swimming there without your supervision.

2: Keeping Out Pets

While some pool owners are more than happy to let Fido swim around in the new pool whenever he feels like cooling off. For other owners, this is simply too unpredictable and messy. Having a secure area where you have the option of allowing pets to roam about when they are supervised and disabling them access when they are not, helps to ensure that the pool area is kept cleaner and safer at all times. Although dogs can swim and should not have any trouble falling into an open pool, there is more to consider. What about times of the year when the pool may be closed, undergoing maintenance, or when it is simply not ready for anyone to actually take a dip in it? You probably don’t want your animals drinking the pool water or doing their business there.

3: It is Orderly and Proper

If you are well-invested in a home, and you are used to keeping things neat and tidy for sake of your own comfort and sense of cleanliness, why mess it up with a sloppy pool area. When you have a classy glass or wooden enclosure, you are more likely to show an additional level of reverence for the pool area as a special place. This makes it easier to get your children into the habit of cleaning up their pool toys and helps to ensure that the general area will be safer and better kept.

4: Home Value

When you do, in fact, have a neat and orderly area, your home values are likely to increase. It is also a great selling point for new families that may have younger children who cannot swim or need supervision. Having a pool enclosure adds a touch of class to any home and is sure to be reflected in the final prices. Home buyers will remember the feature when they go to your open house that it was something luxurious that set your pool apart from less tasteful or unkempt swimming pool areas in the neighborhood.

5: Beauty

The sheer aesthetical value for your own personal enjoyment is enough for most homeowners to subscribe to the philosophy of a glass or wooden fencing enclosure. This is especially true if you opt for custom fabrications that express your focus on order and cleanliness throughout your property. Having a transparent glass fencing around your pool speaks uber-class because it reflects on your attention to detail and cleanliness. The most expensive apartments for rent in Manhattan, for example, obtain their outrageous rental prices because they are beyond white glove clean. Having super-transparent glass fencing surrounding your pool area looks futuristic and super-sanitary based on the impressions of how clean the glass is kept.

6: It Pays For Itself

As stated, investing in a pool enclosure/fencing can increase the value of your home. In this sense, the investment really pays for itself in the long run. If you have already upgraded your bathrooms and kitchens, and the rest of your property is in great shape, adding a glass pool fence can add the final touches to make you feel like you are on vacation at a resort whenever you are home.

7: Enjoy the Nature Surrounding You

When you invest in the transparent glass fencing, it is so clear that you will not even notice that it is there beyond a surreal sense of definition. This allows you to enjoy the view of all that well-groomed property that you have surrounding the pool. Having a transparent and expansive view adds a level of sensory input and nature. Nature and the natural beauty of it are relaxing and help you daydream when you are relaxing at the pool. This, altogether, creates the perfect escape for you to refresh your soul and unwind at the end of a long workweek.

It is Time to Upgrade Your Pool Area with a Transparent Fence

With all these great reasons in mind and many other additional benefits, there is no time to wait. Why risk an injury or put up with the messiness of an unkempt pool area? When you see glass fencing improves the aesthetic value of a pool area and the affordability of the installation, there is no sense in living in disorder any longer. Start building the neat and perfect swimming area you’ve been dreaming about.

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