Advantages of a cooler bags

7 Advantages of cooler bags

A cooler bag is a popular alternative to the traditional lunch bag, plastic shopping bag, and the plastic cooler. Cooler bags have been a dominant part of the promotional products sector for decades and are now seen as a positive ecological choice at a time when green issues are important to all. Placing a logo or slogan on any cooler bag is an excellent marketing strategy for a company which can result in positive feedback and exposure for your business.

  1. Keep your food and drinks cool

This may seem like a no-brainer, but the cooler bag has been created to allow individuals to keep their food and drinks cool when out of their home or business property. Wikipedia refers to these bags as thermal bags because they are created from insulating materials and may have a small amount of refrigerant held within the lining of the material. A cooler bag is created from fabric, plastic, or canvas with foam insulation held within. The interior layer of each cooler is created from a heavy-duty foil material designed to reflect exterior heat and store interior chilled air within the container.

  1. Reduce plastic

Whether using a cooler bag for lunch or as a shopping container, there are many environmental benefits to be obtained. The abundance of plastic products being released into the environment each day has had a negative effect on the health of the planet. A reusable cooler bag will allow the user to save on the plastic bags they use each day, month, and year to reduce their effects on the planet. Promotional cooler bags can show how committed your company is to protecting the environment and limiting your carbon footprint by limiting the use of one-time use plastic bags.

  1. Low cost

In many parts of the world, plastic grocery bags are being taxed with a number of U.S. cities looking to introduce similar taxes on their citizens. Keeping your food either hot or cold with a cooler bag means making large savings because of the reusable nature of the4 cooler bag which can be purchased for a small outlay by the maker and buyer. The many options open to individuals in terms of cooler bags means the cost has fallen dramatically over the last few years to make these bags affordable for most.

  1. Excellent promotional opportunities

As a business owner, you should always be on the lookout for the next big opportunity to market your company in an effective and inexpensive way. The use of fabrics over plastic materials when creating reusable cooler bags means they are loved by many of those who will look to your company for their promotional materials. The purchase of a few cooler bags carrying your logo or slogan is an excellent first step in reaching members of your local community on a daily basis as people carry your logo emblazoned cooler bags around with them. Every marketing opportunity should be explored with the low cost of promotional opportunities involving cooler bags means they are one of the best promotional options for small business owners who are looking for an increase in their business. Buying promotional bags from a wholesale company often allows the business owner to receive the attractive price breaks open to those purchasing in bulk.

  1. Fresh, tasty food

Most of us have horror flashbacks to our school days when we were given a lunch bag containing a soggy sandwich which was warm and unappealing. Cooler bags mean this kind of lunch is a thing of the past with the ability to explore better tasting, fresh food on the move is open to almost everybody. Instead of seeing a lunch bag meal as a simple sandwich, you can explore the opportunities open to you for creating a crisp, fresh salad by packing the ingredients in your cooler bag before setting out on a day of travel, work, or school. Other impressive ingredients can be included in your lunch, such as yogurts, milk, and sour cream because of the ability of the bag to keep your food and drinks as fresh as when they were packed.

  1. Pick the perfect size

There are a variety of sizes of cooler bags available to suit your needs, including those designed to fit a school lunch, or larger options with wheels to make the move as simple as possible. When looking to purchase a large number of cooler bags, it is important to think of the needs of your customer base and what they will expect from their bags. If your customers are mostly parents and families, a school-sized lunch bag is prb=obably the best option to explore. For a more adult-based customer, you may wish to explore the options open to you in sourcing six and twelve-pack-sized coolers. Wheeled cooler bags are an option growing in popularity as they offer a larger size and the ease of pulling heavy food and drinks options instead of carrying them in a bag.

  1. Easy and safe to close

One of the problems the traditional plastic cooler has is the problem of the lid which often falls off or fails to close properly leaving the food and drinks within to rise in temperature. The cooler bag usually has a simple zipper closure at the top and front pockets with either velcro or zippers to keep your food and drinks as safe and secure as possible.

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