4 Must-Have Outdoor Storage To Make Your Outdoor Space Feel Roomier!

4 Must-Have Outdoor Storage To Make Your Outdoor Space Feel Roomier!

One of the often-overlooked places in our homes is our outdoor space. Our outdoor spaces usually get filled with clutter and unused stuff, leaving little to no room for recreation. An effective way to deal with this dilemma is to place outdoor storage in your outdoor space. Here’s a list of the best outdoor storage that will surely help you organize and declutter your outdoor space! 

Our list consists of storage boxes, storage chests, and other outdoor storage solutions. You’ll certainly be able to find and pick out the right outdoor storage that’ll fit your garden, patios, and even swimming pools! We included all outdoor storage solutions from big to small. In turn, you’ll have no problem finding the right outdoor storage for your outdoor space!

Keter Eden 70 Gallon Storage Bench & Deck Box

There’s no better way of organizing your outdoor space with an outdoor storage solution that serves multiple functions. The first one on our list is an outdoor storage bench by Keter, and it brings with it tons of storage space under its seating deck. You can easily place up to 60 gallons of your stuff in the storage space. And, it does so while providing ample seating space for two at the same time!

If you’re in the market for a highly durable storage bench, then this outdoor storage bench from Keter is perfect for you! It’s made out of polypropylene, making it resistant to rusting and denting. You’ll be able to assure yourself that the stuff you store inside will be safe from the elements! You can also secure this storage bench with a padlock, but you’ll have to purchase a separate padlock for it.

The Keter Eden storage bench deck box comes with a natural wood finish. In turn, you won’t have any problems with matching the aesthetic of your garden, patio, or porch. This storage bench also comes in different colors, such as the beige and grey variants. Regardless of which finish or color you pick, you’ll surely be able to buy a storage bench that is effective and durable!

Rubbermaid Vertical Storage Shed 

There are outdoor spaces that require a substantial outdoor storage solution. Of course, you wouldn’t want your items such as your gardening tools just to be exposed to the elements. In turn, you’d need a durable plastic shed that’ll protect your stuff. With that said, the Rubbermaid plastic shed storage solution should get the job done easily. 

This plastic shed from Rubbermaid comes with double-wall construction that’ll give you extra storage space. With this fact, you’ll be able to get an outdoor storage solution that is waterproof, dent-proof, and leak-proof! This plastic shed storage comes with a removable slab making it easier for you to store tools like shovels and rakes. 

It tops it all off by providing a floor and base that is impact-resistant. In turn, you’ll be able to store any heavy-duty tools that you own. When you order this outdoor storage solution, it’ll come in eight pieces. No need to worry as Rubbermaid guarantees an easy assembling process!

Suncast Cube Cooler 

Our outdoor storage solutions list wouldn’t be complete if we didn’t give you a lightweight option for your outdoor storage. The Suncast Cube Cooler is one that you can readily place in your garden space with its fantastic design and aesthetic. 

It comes with a pop-up top that you can easily take off and reveal the storage space in the process. It’ll be the perfect storage solution for you to store your drinks in the event of an outdoor barbeque! It’s made out of resin, so you can easily assure that it’ll be able to resist and withstand all weather conditions. 

The Suncast Cube Cooler is also a no-brainer addition to your outdoor space as it requires minimal maintenance. If you want to clean it, all you need is pull the plug that serves as its inner drainage. Pull the plug, and you should be able to drain all the excess water that comes from the ice within seconds!

Suncast Elements Loveseat 

There’s always a place for a loveseat in your outdoor area. The loveseat from Suncast comes with an elegant aesthetic together with storage space meant for lightweight objects. This loveseat/outdoor storage solution comes with a 23-gallon storage capacity making it an ideal spot to store cushions and towels. It provides storage while ensuring comfort at the same time!

This loveseat comes with a white finish. We haven’t seen Suncast release other variants and colors; however, the white aesthetic should do just fine. It’ll serve as a classy addition to your outdoor space. Not to mention it’s multi-functional furniture meant for your outdoor area.


If you’re looking to organize and declutter your outdoor space, then these outdoor storage solutions should get the job done. These outdoor storage covers all the requirements when it comes to aesthetics and storage capacity. Expect that these storage solutions can withstand the outdoor elements. Get one today for an outdoor space that feels more spacious!

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