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3 things to take care of when indulging in Video Marketing

The Four Things You Need To Take Care of When Using Video Marketing As Part Of Your Overall Marketing Approach

Video marketing is all the rage right now when it comes to promoting something online. I do not see this changing anytime soon. More companies and small business owners are finding the power of this strategy. Before you rush in and set up a film clip there are four things you should be aware of first.

1)The Publishing Schedule

You need to set up a series of some kind. You cannot just promote one video and call it a day. You need to tell a story about your promotion. You should have several film clips ready to run at the right time, and BroadVision Marketing can help. You have a schedule for your Twitter or Facebook posts, right? Well, you need to do the same thing here. You should also time them to be released even after the date of your product you are currently promoting. The idea is to stay on trend and this marketing strategy can help if used in the right way.

2)Concise, Short-Version Selling Points

You need to film small clips. Your audience does not want to see a movie. They can go online to NetFlix if they want to view a movie that is over two hours. Send out a concise message. Target your talking points and keep it simple. Your audience is going to lose interest if you make it longer than 20 minutes. Your film should be five-ten minutes, fifteen at the most.

3)Tips and Tricks

You should offer some helpful suggestions when they are needed. You cannot claim to be an authority on something and not offer solutions to the problem. Your audience wants to see that you have thought of everything, which includes covering all your bases. It does not need to be a big list. It just needs to be enough to cover the basics. Your audience can do the rest. Once more, BroadVision Marketing has the tools to help you with that.

4)The Call-To-Action

That is one of the most important parts of the marketing strategy. You need to create a call-to-action. Invite your audience to do something.

“It is not enough to wake people up. You have to give them the tools to move forward. Otherwise, they are going to fall back asleep again.”

Madonna, 2004 I am Going To Tell You A Secret

Waking people up with your products and services is the first step. Giving your audience a good reason as to why they need what you offer is the second step. The third step is giving them the tools to move forward.


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