Decorate Your Walls

3 Creative Ways to Decorate Your Walls

Blank walls can be a little dull and unexciting. You can always tune up the look and feel of your room by creatively decorating your walls. You can express yourself through your favorite design, art, bands, as well as movies on the walls. You don’t have to to go to an art collection store and dig deep into your pocket to get expensive art collections to spice up the interior design of your room. There is always something creative and cheap you can get at a printing shop that will transform the interior of your room. Here are three creative and affordable ways to decorate the walls of your room.

Hanging posters on the walls

Posters are a great way to liven up your living space in a pinch whether you would like to hang a poster to display or create a collage. First things first, you have to get your poster printed at PrintDirectForLess. Why PDFL? Well, it is a platform that guarantees quality printing services at affordable prices. You will get full color poster printing services at a pocket-friendly price.

Once you have your poster or posters, it will be nice if you have poster frames. Set the poster in the frame and hang it from a nail. If you want to mount the poster directly on your wall, utilize double-sided craft tape. Decorating with posters reminds many people of college. The fascination of decorating with posters can be still available way after college because it is a simple, creative as well as inexpensive solution.

Posters allows you to bring something familiar and memorable to home after graduating. It will help you establish a positive vibe in the room because you have a theme you like in your room such as music theme, or sports theme.

Wall art also works fine

This is another great way to transform your walls from feeling kind of vanilla to something just beautiful. Get a wall art that covers the width of the wall you are decorating. When mounting the art, center in a way there is a small equal space on each side of the wall art. If you have a financial muscle, you can go for large canvas wall art. However, if your walls are big, you can go for several small pieces of art and make a collage instead. You will also want to know how to hang your wall art especially how to position it vertically. The art height is something most people get wrong. One thing that will help is, hang the piece of art at your sight line.

Decorate your wall with photos

Photos can make you reminisces on old memories. If you need that that kick in the morning that will make you to wake up and chase your dreams, hang photos of what or who motivates you on the wall. It could be you’re a photo of your mother or mentor. While they will complement the appearance of your room, pictures can take you far down in the memory lane and give you the motivation to keep pressing on. You could go for quality pictures you printed at PrintDirectForLess or anywhere else and transform your room. It can take a few photos of someone important in your life to make a dark day seem bright. Make your days bright with great services from PrintDirectForLess such as full color poster printing.

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