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21 Amazing Mural Design Ideas for Your Home

If you want to transform your home thoroughly, there are many mural design ideas you can work with. However, it is essential to know that a mural design cannot just go anywhere. The type of design you will use for your kid’s bedroom is not the same as what you will want in your living room.

We have compiled 21 best mural design ideas that you can use to transform your home. You can get more ideas at

  1. Panoramic large scale wall murals

Instead of leaving free walls of your house open, you can always fill them with these fantastic large scale murals of incredible landscapes. The cityscape mural designs are also perfect to add a little style to your home.

  1. Cool fun Kid’s map wall murals

This should be the perfect décor for your kid’s room. The world map has an adventurous feel which kids love so much not forgetting how well it will look on the wall.

  1. Vintage peel and stick wall murals

These are the type of mural designs that will let you experience time travel. Vintage wallpaper designs are classic and add a special feeling to any room.

  1. Realistically textured wallpaper

These are high-quality murals with more focus on surfaces texture. It can be a wooden wall mural design or even a brick wall design, but it will be hard to tell if it is the wall of your house or a mural design. Textured wallpapers are perfect for décor and have a unique way of making a statement.

  1. Skyline wall murals from your favorite city

You can create a fantastic illusion using your favorite city as your wallpaper design. Such designs are perfect and have a calming feel which will leave your guests wondering how far you have taken your décor idea. They are also the perfect design for rooms with no windows.

  1. Graffiti street art murals

Here, you can be spoilt for choices thanks to the fact that graffiti art has endless designs for you to choose from. However, you have to ensure that the design you are working with is perfect for the room you want to decorate. From the color combination to the art itself, graffiti wall murals can be seen in places like restaurants. The Nike headquarters is an excellent example of an office which has embraced the powerful yet amazing graffiti wallpaper design.

  1. Abstract wallpaper patterns

While you can use images and other designs for your wallpaper design, you can get more creative and go for a graphic design that does not need to make sense to anyone. You will, however, want to be keen on the color scheme with respect to the room you intend to decorate. The designs sort of add another dimension to your house.

  1. Realistic door murals

You can create a secret getaway door on a solid wall that leads to a different world. These designs are perfect for study rooms and even your bedroom. The illusion created by these wallpapers are mind blowing and will have someone using their imagination to complete the other world that exists past the door.

  1. Artistic oil painting wall murals for giant pieces of art

Wall paintings are always perfect for décor, but these wall murals give you better. Giant paintings of famous artwork like Mona Lisa will completely renovate the ambiance in your house. They also create a different illusion that no one can easily ignore. The good thing is that you can also order for customized gigantic art designs for your wallpaper.

  1. Cartoon landscapes

These should be perfect for a kid’s room. From the color combinations to the graceful cloud shades on these designs, your kid’s bedroom will always be a fun and peaceful place to be all the time.

  1. Best alternative to exposed brick

This is so far the most famous mural design in the world. Exposed bricks on the wall can work on any room. They are a classic design that will add uniqueness to your home. The good thing with the exposed brick design is that you can still add you wall hangings without compromising the design.

  1. Retro pop art murals for a chill out area

These are more futuristic themed wallpapers that will do best in public places like restaurants or food hall. They create the first illusion that will change someone’s mood. The color schemes usually are perfectly balanced to create a better idea of the future world.

  1. Sports and motivation for your home gym

While working out requires ample motivation, a work out wallpaper should be perfect for this. Designed with the perfect colors to help you work out while focusing, these wallpapers are not only suitable for your home gym but can also be used in commercial gyms.

  1. Detailed world map murals

Unlike the map of the world mural in your kid’s bedroom, this is a creative way of decorating your study. The details on the map will bring out a feeling of intense focus yet a peaceful and relaxed ambiance. You can always have a custom made map print to work with, or you can opt to buy one online through simple steps.

  1. Torn poster wall mural

These are more artistic designs aimed at keeping your guest glued to the incredible artwork. Best for teenagers, the torn poster wallpapers add a unique street art look that is both mysterious and admirable.

  1. Forest wallpapers

You can literarily add a forest to your house and make it look like you have enough space to harbor wild animals. The forest designs are fantastic, and your guests will always take a few minutes to involve their imagination in completing the forest and waling in it. The design is perfect for any room of your house thanks to the fact that the adventurous nature creates a unique calming effect. Other aspects of nature like lakes and rivers can also be a good idea for your wallpaper.

  1. Mountain wall murals

Instead of taking a hike all the way to the top of Mount Everest, you can have a beautiful landscape of the tallest mountain in the world on your wall. The surprising fact is that you will feel as if you are on the mountain top except for the cold. There are also several mountains across the world with breathtaking views to complete your plain white wall.

  1. Cool waves and surfing murals

These you are most likely to find in houses with people who are fans of surfing. Designed to bring the ocean closer to the surfer, these are perfect for wallpaper especially if you want to make a strong statement that surfing is your thing. You can also incorporate a custom surfing mural design of you playing with the biggest waves in the ocean.

  1. Palm tree and tropical wallpaper design

For a less complicated yet effective wall décor, you can have a single gigantic palm tree as your mural. Additionally, you can go with an excellent beach or tropical getaway mural to bring your vacation to you. Whichever beach you want for your wallpaper; you can always have it.

  1. Space wall murals

These are merely fascinating, taking you out of this world and showing you the amazing things that exist in space. The stars and other galaxies are something anyone will want to take a few minutes to look at since it represents the imagination of everybody about the space. It should be a good choice for your kid’s room.

  1. Sky and clouds wall murals

Suitable for kid’s bedroom as well, this is a more calming and peaceful wallpaper design that can also do well for your dining room. There are several designs to choose from, and you can also find something good enough for your bedroom as well.

From these 21 ideas, you should know that they come in a variety of designs and you can never lack the perfect idea for your décor at

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