style watches with Outfits

10 ways to style watches with Outfits

Getting a good watch is one thing and getting a watch that pairs up perfectly with your clothes is the other. One thing I am sure about is that matching a watch with the outfit can be complicated and overwhelming especially if you don’t have the right guidance. However, with the right information and style tips, this will make the decision process of matching your accessories to your outfits much easier. Today there are many articles online that will give you access to fashion tips. To learn more about how to match your watch and clothes, see here. In this short post, we are going to give you 10 ways through which you can match the outfit with your watch.

Determine your interest level with your watch

This is the first and the most obvious thing that you should address. You have to start by determining how often you are willing and ready to wear the watch. If you are a man that always gets to different official and casual events, get casual, sports and business class watch depending on the interests.

Have a resourceful base of watch collections

The fact is that different watches fit different occasions and hence you need to have different watches that match different occasions. This ensures that you have a perfect match between the watch and your outfit which elevates your look. It also shows that you pay a closer attention to details.

Consider the occasion

To make sure that all flows well with the watch you choose, you need to first of all take the occasion at hand into consideration. Start by determining whether you are attending a business meeting, a wedding or sports.

What is your dress code?

This comes in when you are looking for a watch that will match your outfit on what you most of the trimes do. If you are an official personality, there are certain watches that will match with that. If you are a farmer or a casual laborer, then you can get a watch for that specific dressing code.

Get a simple dress watch with a silver case

To get a watch that will blend perfectly with most of the outfits, then you should get a stainless steel, white gold, silver or rhodium watch with high quality leather bands.

Get a leather watch to complement leather shoes and belt

When you are choosing a good watch to match your leather shoes or belt, you also have to focus on the strands. You should ensure that they are high quality leather strands and the watch has a silver case.

Match your watch with other accessories

If for any case you have other metallic accessories, then you must ensure that the match is also metallic. What am trying to mean is that metal should at all cost complement metal. A gold belt buckle should be complemented by a gold watch. ‘

Match the watch with your shoes

Although this is not a really advisable approach for official events, it may work well with your casual occasion. It is always a wise decision to ensure that the belt and the shoes matches directly with the watch that you choose for the occasion. For official events, you can match a black leather watch with a black leather shoe and then white shirt and black suit.

Match the formality of your watch with the formality of your outfit

The best thing to do to make sure that all the rules are flowing right is to match the watch with the formality of your outfit. To ensure this works well for you, you have to understand all the different types of the watch.

The weather

Most of the people don’t take this into consideration. If you are going to be out on a cold weather or if you suspect that it may rain, then am sure you are likely to change your normal dress code. Now you can get a watch that doesn’t get affected by the weather.

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