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10 Trends You Need To Know about Male Stripper

Male strippers are increasingly becoming part of mainstream entertainment, and it’s quite easy to tell why. Therefore, it is essential to take note of their lifestyles as well as the new trends so that you know exactly how to interact with them. Below are ten trends you need to know about the contemporary male stripper:

They Work Part-Time 

Just like it’s the case with their female counterparts, most male strippers tend to work part-time. The reason for working part-time is so they can make ends meet. So the next time you meet a male stripper at their day job, try not to make a big deal out of it.

They Mostly Work in Different Towns 

Despite most recently going mainstream, being a male stripper still comes with a fair share of the stigma attached to it. Therefore, seeing male strippers working in different towns than where they are living is becoming more of a trend nowadays. For instance, a Brisbane Male Stripper is highly likely to live in another city besides Brisbane.

They work out…. A lot! 

Long gone are the days when all a male stripper had to do was squeeze his hairy butt into some skimpy thongs and master a few provocative dance moves. Today, more and more male strippers are finding themselves hitting the gym and getting in shape in a bid to increase their chances of earning more. Naturally, the more sculpted a male stripper is, the more clients he’s going to attract.

Regular Grooming Is a Must 

Still, in the spirit of becoming more appealing to a whole lot of people, some male strippers have begun wearing little amount of makeup. It’s also common for them to get waxed on all the “wax-able” areas regularly. The whole point is to be in their most attractive form before heading out to work.


Male strippers are now required to ask for consent before dancing on their clients, something utterly unheard of in the past couple of years. Back in the day, a male stripper had the freedom to dance with just about any attractive woman in the club. However, today, they only dance with clients who want and dance. All this is done in the spirit of avoiding unnecessary lawsuits.

Protected Sex 

Though not as common as it’s presumed to be, some male strippers accept payment to have public sex with their clients at selected clubs.

Competition Is Stiffer 

Since more men are getting into stripping industry, the competition is becoming stiffer by the day. The latter explains why more male strippers are embarking on doing more antics and acts in a bid to make more money. You’re also bound to see male strippers forging personal relationships with their respective clients, doing more daunting deeds and even sleeping with most of their clients in as much as it isn’t advisable.

They’re Forging More Personal Relationships with Their Clients 

Since the competition is quite stiff, more male strippers are embarking on forging personal relationships with their clients to achieve a steadier flow of income. Male strippers striving to know their clients on a more personal level is more of a trend now. It’s normal for them to text from time to time to see how they are doing.

Personality Matters More Now Than It Used to Then 

Unlike in the past where male strippers only needed to be ripped and sexy to get clients, nowadays they’re forced to also work on their personalities if they are to keep up with the stiff competition. More male strippers are starting to be more conversational and creating more personal relationships with their clients, as earlier mentioned.

They’re Training Female Strippers as Well 

Male strippers training girls to become better strippers is also becoming more of a trend. The latter seems to be the case because male strippers not only understand the business well but also know the nature of men better because, well, they so happen to be men themselves.


To learn more about the life of a male stripper, you’ll need to visit the nearest strip club and watch. It is also essential to understand that strippers, both male and female, are human and need to be treated with the utmost respect. So the next time you find yourself in need of a lap dance from a male stripper, remember to be polite and respectful.

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