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10 Reasons Why Your Carpet Cleaner Isn’t Working

When it comes to maintaining a clean home, one of the most important tasks is cleaning your carpet. There are different ways to achieve this goal, such as vacuuming on a daily basis and using a carpet cleaner periodically for a deeper level of clean. If your carpet cleaner isn’t working, there are a variety of problems that might exist. The information below can help you sort out the issue.

  1. Possible Electrical Problem

Sometimes a problem with your carpet cleaner not working isn’t actually the unit itself. One of the first things you should check is whether there is an electrical issue in your home. This could be a problem with the outlet where it’s plugged or a larger issue with the power in the room you’re attempting to clean. The first step is to try a different outlet and then try a different room to rule out an electrical malfunction.

  1. Attachments Are Not Secured

Depending on the make and model, not securing the attachments properly can cause the unit not to work. For instance, if the hose is not secured, there’s a chance that the cleaner will remain inactive. There’s also a possibility that it will turn on but fail to pick up any dirt. Twisting the attachment to see if it’s loose can help you determine if that’s where the problem exists.

  1. Settings Need to Be Adjusted

The settings of the carpet cleaner should be adjusted based on the height of your carpet. Some carpet brush is higher than others and requires a different setting that’s specifically designed for longer carpet fibers. The specific reason why it might not be working is because the belt on the carpet cleaner is being taxed. In fact, the belt might even become damaged or break. Changing the settings is also a way to achieve a deeper level of clean.

  1. Time to Replace the HEPA Filter

If you have a HEPA filter in your carpet cleaner for the purpose of minimizing particles associated with asthma and allergies, failing to replace the filter can cause the results to become less than ideal. Replacing the HEPA filter can drastically change the outcome because it removes much smaller particles, which can improve the air quality in your home. Another issue might be that the bag is not properly installed.

  1. Brush Roll is Not Rotating

If your carpet cleaner has a rotating brush roll that is not working properly, there’s a possibility that something is stuck in the brush. Depending on the brand of carpet cleaner you have, there might be an indicator light on that points to the problem. To resolve the issue, you should unplug the cleaner and check the brush roll to make sure nothing is stuck. Sometimes hair is wrapped around the brush, but it’s easy to remove once identified.

  1. Suction is Not Working

If the suction is low or isn’t working at all, there are many possible reasons. It can be because the water in the tank is full and needs to be emptied. It might also be a problem with how the caddy is installed. You’ll need to check both the quantity of the water and whether the caddy is properly positioned.

  1. It’s in the Locked Position

Sometimes your carpet cleaner isn’t working because of a simple issue like forgetting to take it out of the locked position. Make sure the unit is actually in the cleaning position if you are unable to turn it on. In fact, this is one of the most common reasons why a cleaner is not working.

  1. Water Tank Is Seated Improperly

When the water tank of your carpet cleaner is not properly seated, there are many things that can go wrong. It can cause the water not to spray or the cleaner to spray only a small amount of water. Sometimes a problem with spraying water is because there isn’t a sufficient amount of water in the unit, which is an easy fix.

  1. There’s a Tripped Fuse

Another issue that causes a carpet cleaner not to work that’s not actually related to the cleaner is when the fuse is tripped in your home. This simply requites you to reset the circuit breaker. Trying to figure out why your carpet cleaner is not working is about eliminating potential problems until you identify the actual issue. It can be frustrating to send a carpet cleaner out for repair only to find out that it had nothing to do with the unit. It’s always recommended to make sure the problem isn’t an external issue like a tripped fuse.

  1. Wrong Filter is Installed

If you are using a dry carpet cleaner that contains filters and bags, you’ll need to make sure the right type of filter and bag is installed if they have been recently replaced. Most modern carpet cleaners do not have bags, so this will only be an issue if you have an older model carpet cleaner.

In the event that you do in fact need a professional to look at your carpet cleaner, it might be worth your time to explain in detail what’s happening because they might be able to troubleshoot and resolve the problem over the phone. There’s also a chance that you can find detailed information on the manufacturer’s website regarding common issues with the specific unit that you have or look at brisbane carpet cleaning pictures for a solution.

Getting your carpet cleaner up and running doesn’t necessarily require you to spend a lot of money or a significant amount of time troubleshooting. If you check the above referenced 10 issues, there’s a pretty good chance that you will pinpoint the problem. Before long, you’ll be on your way to getting your carpet in excellent condition.

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